Impact Assessment, Rating
and Tracking for Investors

impak has developed a user-friendly scalable SaaS platform
with standardized impact data & analytics,
tailored for the financial industry.

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Aligned with international
standard solutions


Challenges Facing Impact Investors

Reliable assessment

Assessing the impact of an organization or porfolio of any size or sector.

Universal methodology

Implementing a universal and open source impact measurement & management methodology

Performance tracking

Measuring, scoring & tracking the impact performance of businesses and portfolios allowing comparability

Tools for an
Impactful Investment

  • Online impact qualification of businesses
  • Impact due diligence
  • Online impact tracking & scoring of businesses
  • Online impact performance of portfolio

Qualification and Rating Process

Standardized impact rating for any business

Qualification methodology based on the Impact Management Project, a global network of 2,000 standard-setting organisations

Aligned with United Nation's 17 Sustainable Development Goals

Machine-learning based algorithm to automate and scale the qualification process

impak Qualification Benefits


SaaS solution and semiautomated qualification


Supported by over 2000 organisations such as BR, Axa, PRI, Giin, UN, etc.

& credibility

Transparency, benchmarking, traceability and third party assessment

Impact reporting
made easy

impak Score™
and impak Fund Index

Access the impact

Annual/bi-annual review of the impact KPIs.

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Access your portfolio's impact performance

impak Fund Index (iFI), benchmarking, impact risk-return ratio, investor contribution matrix, contribution to SDGs & areas of impact

Portfolio SDG mapping and qualification

Benchmark your investments

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