Your trust is priceless to us!


Words are simply not enough to express all the joy and gratitude we feel today. Your support made a real difference. A crucial step towards the viability of our project finally came to an end. Our initial coin offering is now closed and it was a success.

What the impak Finance team accomplished during these past few months will leave an permanent mark on the Canadian cryptocurrency landscape. And this page of history might have never been written if it wasn’t for you.

At the risk of repeating ourselves (because we really mean it): your presence, whether it manifested itself on our social networks, during our events or through the many e-mails we received, has been immensely enriching. You have been patient, curious, understanding, constructive, collaborative, not to mention GE-NE-ROUS !

1,635,696 impak Coins sold, for a total of 1,414,960 CAD. What an adventure!

Let’s take a look at what we just achieved in figures:,

  • 6,362 answers given by our support team in 30 days (hat’s 212 responses per day!)
  • 11,686 people signed up on our campaign e-mail list
  • 514 meetings in 120 days
  • 1,360 tweets
  • 39 interviews by Paul Allard
  • 23 events in which Paul Allard appeared as a speaker
  • 8 different versions of our White Paper
  • 126 articles and publications about us, around the world
  • 500,000 people reached (Facebook statistics)
  • 23 international experts confirmed their support for the project
  • 50 phone conversations with financial market regulators
  • 4 focus groups
  • 200 people attended our 6 @ 8 end-of-campaign party
  • 4 parking tickets
  • 2 newborns

As you know, we tirelessly preached the benefits of a cryptocurrency to grow the impact economy for 120 days. This enabled:

  • 2,266 investors from 89 countries
  • 50% invested in their first cryptocurrency  😉
  • 50% of our investors who describe their level of knowledge as low or limited to embark on this adventure
  • 21% of investors to pay with cryptocurrencies
  • us to gather close to 1.5M$ that will be reinvested in qualified impact companies
  • thousands of people to better understand this new technology called the Blockchain

To continue our mission and set the course for our initial development plan, most of us will now take some time off. The team will therefore work in slow motion in the next weeks. #NOMOREEMAILS


1,690,626 MPK to spend with socially responsible companies


When we get back, the challenge will be massive! Your collaboration will be important, since we want the creation of our collaborative platform to be developed according to your needs. will be your social network dedicated to the impact economy.


Where to spend your MPKs?


Do you know a company that is working to solve a social or environmental problem?

We want to know about them. Although hundreds of potential companies have been identified by our team in the recent months, you are important players in the social economy and your knowledge of the field will definitely be beneficial for this ecosystem.

Tell us about a company that has an impact


Last word by Paul Allard, CEO, impak Finance


Dear supporters, impakters and impak Coin holders,

I would like to personally thank you for your support during this important stage of the impak project. The launch of a complementary digital currency dedicated to changing our world. Which is no small feat!

Innovating and changing the rules in a highly conservative financial sector is not a simple task. But I am convinced that all these changes are required and come at the right moment in History.

While you read this last email, my extraordinary team and I will be celebrating the end of this leg in our journey, before starting the next one tomorrow morning!

Thank you

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