- Mission

Our mission, one vision

impak Finance’s mission is to bring the power of finance to support the growth of an economy that has a positive social impact.

In order to achieve it, all the products and financial services of impak Finance are at the forefront of technology. We do so by making better user experiences relying on collaboration, sharing, co-creativity and transparency.

Our business goal is to bridge the gap in between impact companies, investors and citizens, by reinventing how his/her daily spending can be a catalyst for change.

This community shared vision translates into such synergies as the complementary relation of the impak.eco social network and its app, the impak Coin complementary currency and its e-wallet, impak Capital activites and the future impak Bank.


We are making the impact economy. Since 2014 “impact investment” is a hot topic…we decide to go beyond the investment and build an impact community with not just investors and companies but with citizens and their voices.100 % of our loans will be for the real economy generating a positive impact for society and the environment.

What is the REAL economy? What about the FINANCIAL economy?

The real economy is money from the production of goods and services. It’s the economy of “real life, real people”. It’s the economy of businesses and individuals working and the product of their labour.

The financial economy involves financial trades without the production of goods and services. It involves financing transactions or trading risk-hedging contracts, for example. It’s a trading economy that doesn’t generate actual production.

Joseph Stiglitz, Thomas Piketty and several other renowned economists estimate the weight of the global financial economy today represents 70X that of the real economy! Before 1980, it was 3 to 5 times.

What is Impact Investment?

Impact investment values positive social, societal and environmental impact while yielding a return.

In addition to endorsing a ‘do no harm’ philosophy, impact investors favour initiatives to develop and provide solutions to social issues.

3 Criteria of Impact Investment


Investor intention: Investors allocate their capital (debt, equity, or hybrid forms) in investments generating a financial return and a determined social impact.


Investee intention: Companies and organisations who receive the loans design their business models to create financial and social value.


Impact measurement: Investors and investees demonstrate how their intentions translate into measurable social impacts.

Impact is Profitable

For Morgan Stanley, impact investment offers competitive returns while generating positive social and environmental impact.
The data speaks!
A recent study by Morgan Stanley, Institute for Sustainable Investing, demonstrates that, for the past 7 years:

  • The performance of impact investments is either equal to or greater than the median return of traditional investment funds;
  • 72 % of impact businesses generate more profits than non-impact businesses;
  • Impact investment rose from 11% in 2012 to 17% in 2014, representing over $ 6.57 trillion.

source : www.morganstanley.com/sustainableinvesting/pdf/sustainable-reality.pdf


impak Finance has a systemic thinking that places human beings at the heart of concerns

While considering impact we pay close attention to the intergenerational problem and for all the people on the planet.

We will select impact companies based on their:

  • Social Purpose
  • Ecological Imperative
  • Economic Efficiency
  • Inclusive Governance


We do our best to walk the talk:

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