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Like you, we want to change the world. For real. We intend to do so by connecting savers, investors, entrepreneurs and companies who dream about it. And want to act upon it!

Did you know… you can…

Banks today invest in sectors that reflect THEIR interests. When you deposit money, they grant loans in industries they select without your consent.

In the process, the banking system creates money by multiplying deposits by 10. Most banks invest the lion’s share into the financial economy.

You can do things differently!

You have more power than you think. Changing the world is about knowing you can make a difference. It’s choosing to put your money where you know it will have maximum impact.

By joining IMPAK’s transparent and collaborative financial ecosystem, you support initiatives that reflect your values, within your means!

The role of impak Finance

Our mission: to connect savers and investors who dream of a better world with entrepreneurs and companies working for its sustainable transformation.

Our independent venture offers loans and investments dedicated exclusively to the Canadian impact economy.

Our collaborative financial ecosystem relies on participation of Canadians, local initiatives, advanced technology, and transparency.

A first in Canada! Canadians can become responsible players in their own financial ecosystem.


Serving the Real Economy for a Global Impact

impak Finance wants to offer Canadians the means to contribute and develop a positive impact economy with a collaborative financial ecosystem, anchored locally, transparent and supported by cutting edge technologies

impak Finance wants to provide social change entrepreneurs with the means to realize their ambitions.

impak Finance wants to offer everyone a chance to participate in its financial ecosystem.

impak Finance wants to create a collaborative and participatory ecosystem dedicating 100% of loans and investments to the Canadian impact economy.

Our Governance Principles:

Integrity — Transparency — Collaboration

An independent foundation will ensures compliance with our mission.

The principle of transparency will applies to every level of the organization, from how we work to our results.

Collaboration and the greatest possible participation will be our credo. It ensure we remain close to our clients, collaborators, partners and IMPAKters.

Transforming Banking in 2 Phases

1. Launch the impak Fund: an online fund dedicated to the impact economy

First, we are going to launch an impact investment fund online. Our 100% digital and mobile platform will enable anyone to invest in impact bonds.

2. Launch impak Bank: 100% dedicated to the impact economy

We want to create the 1st responsible bank in Canada entirely dedicated to the impact economy. With this bank, we will take advantage of the banking system’s incredible power: multiplying money by 10.

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