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A platform serving a more humane economy

Wealth can’t only be measured through monetary exchanges.
impak.eco aims to foster all kinds of contributions to grow an economy that is real and has the well-being of all and every human at its heart.

The platform is designed to simplify the participation, buying and investing processes that could occur in the Impact Economy:

  • Citizens will have the opportunity to invest their time and their own funds in organizations sharing their values
  • Impact Businesses will have a direct contact with customers and the opportunity to have access to capital in order to finance their world-changing projects
  • Impact Investors will have access to pre-qualified impact investment opportunities

The stakeholders of the impak.eco platform


Each and every person that wants to be on the solutions side by taking into account the social and environmental issues we all face in their choices, just like we do.

  • Browse through qualified impact businesses
  • Participate as mentors, volunteers, …
  • Locate impact businesses
  • Purchase responsibly confidently
  • Invest in impact businesses
  • Use and be rewarded with impak Coins


Organizations in any legal form having an activity addressing social and/or environmental issues. After having been subjected to a qualification process, each impact business will be able to disclose which of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals it has the intention to address and how. Gain visibility towards citizens and investors that share the same values and are ready to support the growth of the impact economy

  • Credibility thanks to a rigorous selection process and their impak Profile
  • Gain access to capital, be it through increased sales or investments
  • Support from the community through mentorship, professional network, suppliers, in kind support, …


Capital partners on impak.eco are investors wishing to invest in the Impact Economy: Venture Capital, Angel Investors, Portfolio Managers, Foundations, Pension Funds, other Institutional Investors, …

The platform will allow you to have access to:

  • Personalized investment array
  • Standardized and pre-qualified dealflow
  • Have access to identified impact businesses
  • Suivre les tendances et être alerté d’opportunités d’affaires
  • Keep an eye on trends and and be notified of new investment opportunities

Impact Businesses’ qualification process

There are 3 major steps to check and measure the impact a business has:

  • The 1st filter pre-validates the impact and allows onboarding on the impak.eco platform
  • The second filter is a verification allowing businesses and organisations to distinguish themselves with a verified impact status
  • The third filter is a due diligence process and is required to look for capital on the platform

Register your impact business now to take advantage of our ecosystem: impak.eco

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