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impak Finance

Why create another bank?

Canadians are looking for a bank aligned with their values.

IMPAK Finance wants to create that bank.

A transparent bank that doesn’t overcharge

A bank that uses its multiplying power and influence to support a positive impact economy.

Bank and investment fund: what’s the difference?

  • An investment fund has a limited life span and invests only amounts received from its partners. A fund usually buys existing shares of mature companies often traded on the stock market. This money is exchanged between shareholders rather than used in business operations. The return on this investment is realized when the shares are sold to a third party, with or without added value. 
  • A bank receives deposits from clients to whom it pays interest. It then grants loans to organizations or individuals from whom it collects interests. Part of the bank’s income is generated by the difference between interest paid and interest received.

Why crowdfunding?

IMPAK Finance wishes to create a collaborative and participatory bank. Our goal: Enable as many Canadians as possible to become shareholders and stakeholders in this initiative.


How will IMPAK Bank stay the course?

As per a model inspired by the sustainable bank Triodos Bank, a foundation will ensure impak Bank remains true to its mission and governance principles.

Can a bank really be transparent?

Absolutely! Triodos Bank is yet again an example. Its operations are accessible to all. Client or not. The financial success of the European sustainable bank is unequivocal.


Will you offer all the services of a bank?

We want IMPAK Bank to offer the same services as other banks.

What does “impact loans platform” mean?

IMPAK Finance will launch a digital platform – and its mobile application – towards the end of 2017.  This platform will allow everyone to invest in IMPAK Finance bonds. The money raised will be deployed in loans to positive societal impact businesses.

What type of impact projects will you fund?

Any project, initiative, or business, which, after thorough analysis by the IMPAK Finance team, will offer a competitive financial return and generate positive social and environmental impact.

Is impact investment profitable?

A recent study by Morgan Stanley, Institute for Sustainable Investing1, demonstrates that, for the past 7 years:

  • The performance of impact investments is either equal to or greater than the median return of traditional investment funds;
  • 72 % of impact businesses generate more profits than non-impact businesses;
  • Impact investment rose from 11% in 2012 to 17% in 2014, representing over $ 6.57 trillion.


1 Source: www.morganstanley.com/sustainableinvesting/pdf/sustainable-reality.pdf

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