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impak Finance


impak Finance’s mission is to bring the power of Finance to support the growth of an economy that has a positive social impact.
In order to achieve it, all the products and financial services of impak Finance are at the forefront of technology. We do so by making better user experiences relying on collaboration, sharing, co-creativity and transparency.


A platform serving a more humane economy

impak Finance is designing an ecosystem to bring together citizens, businesses and investors, be it through digital means ( or in real life, to foster the growth of an economy based on social values.


impak Coin

impak Coin is an international digital currency designed to support the growth of the impact economy by rewarding collaboration and encourage its holders to buy from accredited impact businesses.

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impak Capital

impak Capital supports Canadian impact organizations dedicated to changing the world, by providing the funds they need.



impak Bank

A responsible digital bank, dedicated to the impact economy, that will fund projects with a good return on investment and a positive impact on our society and environment.


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