– Bank project

Do you know what your bank does with your money?

Banks today invest in sectors that reflect their interests. When you deposit money, they grant loans in industries they select without your consent.
In the process, the banking system creates money by multiplying deposits by 10. Most banks invest the lion’s share into the financial economy.

Impak Finance aims to create the responsible bank in Canada entirely dedicated to the impact economy, making 100% of its loans to companies having a positive impact on society and our environment. impak Banque will offer the same services as other traditional banks, by lending to projects that generate, after careful analysis, a good return on investment and a positive social and environmental impact.

Impak Finance is commited to creating a bank that is….


Inspired from the Triodos model we will be transparent giving access to its operations to all (cutomers or not). That model has had undeniable success since the 80s.
Just think baout it, a bank that tells you and shows you what’s happening not only to your money but with your money too!



A bank that uses the multiplyer effect of bank deposits to support the growth of tan economy that has a positive impact.
A bank investing in companies addressing the real issues and needs of our communities and our society.



A digital banking institution with no excessive fees.

As soon as 2019, you will have the choice to put your moneyin an institution that cares for your values!