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Supporting Canadian impact organizations dedicated to changing the world


Loans from $1m
Term loans with flexible amortization
Secured or unsecured
Interest rates for unsecured loans: prime + 5-9%

Use your loan for:

Growth financing or refinancing
Equipment acquisition
External acquisition
Technology or product research & development
Inventory / working capital
Sales network expansion

To qualify for a business loan, you must:

Have a positive, measurable, social or environmental impact
Be a Canadian organisation (inc, cooperatives and nonprofits are welcome)
Be in operation for at least 24 months
Have at least $1m in revenues
Be profitable or on the way to break even


impak Capital facilitates equity raises by connecting you with our growing network of impact-focused investors.

impak Capital (Equity financing) will:

Analyze your business in detail, provide advice on your business model and business plan if needed
Help you formulate your sales pitch to investors and get you “investor-ready”
Introduce you to potential investors and accompany you to the meetings
Manage information flow between you and the investors, assist in negotiations and arrange closings.

To qualify for equity financing, you must:

Have a positive, measurable, social or environmental impact
Be a Canadian company
Already have early-stage revenues or a clear short-term path to revenues.


impak.eco is the online collaborative ecosystem dedicated to the impact economy

Allows you to increase your visibility towards citizens and capital partners.

Helps build your impact credibility with the impak Score Card (published on your impak.eco profile).


Increase the impact of your capital


Some of the activities described on this page require to be registered with the competent securities regulator. impak Capital is in the process of getting the required registrations. impak Capital will not conduct any of the activities requiring registration without being able to do so in compliance with all rules and regulations.

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