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Investors face a growing pressure from stakeholders towards more transparency and to take into account environmental and social considerations. Our impact rating solution is here to save the day. Stay ahead of the competition and incorporate positive and negative impacts in your investment decisions today.

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Meeting new regulatory constraints

Using environmental and social data as competitive benefits in the entire value chain, from credit analysis to M&A to capital market activities

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Asset Managers

Becoming compliant with SFDR, the EU Taxonomy, etc.

Preventing greenwashing

Benchmarking your assets and portfolios’ impact performance

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iSAimpak SDG Alignment

1st step toward a complete impact assessment Module to support you in becoming SFDR-compliant Module to assess EU Taxonomy eligibility

  • Negative & positive alignment to SDGs
  • Five-notch impact potential indicator
  • Potential eligibility to the EU Taxonomy

iS2impak Investment Scoring Solution

Complete impact assessment of any organization, asset type, fund, index or portfolio Themed modules such as Climate data, Biodiversity, etc. Module to support you in becoming compliant with the EU Taxonomy Custom modules tailored to your sector policies, business lines

  • Complete impact statement
  • impak ScoreTM out of 1,000
  • EU Taxonomy complete assessment

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Transparent methodology and customizable data reporting

Our data and modules allow you to automatically answer your reporting needs regarding regulations and the impact of your portfolios

Global impact statements of your targeted companies thanks to our impact database

Reporting modules specific to your business (TCFD, EU Taxonomy, SFDR, biodiversity, etc. )

Automatically generated user-friendly analytics and reports

Compliant and transparent with top of the line reporting

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