Story of impak

Who is impak

impak - the independent impact rating agency - is a Canadian and French start-up that has built impak IS², an impact assessment and scoring solution based on leading international standards, notably the Impact Management Project and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

It has also created a group of impact indices, based on the impak Score™ and other data in the impak database used to develop index funds and ETFs.

Our mission

Through its impact assessment and scoring solution, impak’s primary goal is to channel capital towards businesses with a positive social or environmental impact. impak’s secondary goal is to trigger traditional businesses’ potential of transformation and use the impact assessment as an incentive to truly mitigate their negative impacts and create positive ones. impak contributes to shift the purpose of capital in society while still considering profitability.

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Our team

Paul Allard

Chief Ecosystem Officer

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Constance Bassouls


Impact Analyst

François Le Bel

Impact Capital Builder

Chief Business Development Officer

Stéphanie Bernier-

The Wordsmith

Communications Manager

Marion Bitoune

Materiality guru

Impact Analyst

Axel Bonaldo

Impact Catalyst

Head of Business Development, Europe

Hugo Caron

Graphic Solutions Authority

Design Director

Boris Couteaux

VP, Belgian affairs

VP, Business & Product Development

Viviane Eliot

Eagle eye

Impact Analyst

Thomas Lagorce

User Advocate

Product Owner & UX

Virginie Laplante

The Multitasker

Impact Analyst

Perrine Legoube

Greenwashing Crimes Inspector

Impact Analyst

Tima Gros

Chief Happiness Officer

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Mélissa Paris Saint-

Regulation Explorer

Impact Analyst

Steven Rohles

The Planner

Impact Analyst

Vélina Serafimov

Impact Gardener

Chief Impact Officer

Cédric de St-Léger

Control Tower Operator

Chief Technology Officer

Nathalie Thiollet

Impact Passionaria

Managing Director

Independent Methodology Committee

Jess Daggers

Delphine Gibassier

Laura Palmeiro

Olivia Prentice

Stephanie Robertson

Thierry Sibieude

Board of directors

Guillaume Amblard

Béatrice Cointreau

Christophe Duthoit

Christophe Duthoit

Didier Kuhn

Michel Lozeau


Mike Paul

Mike Paul

Peggy Van de